Determining cleaning service rates was a challenge that we believe we have overcome. The challenge was in making sure the fee was fair to all concerned. We have found that until you are actually doing the job, you really can't tell what might happen. For example, one time I guessed that a house would take 4 hours to clean, as it turned out, it only took 2 hours! If we didn't adjust the price, we would have been overcharging!

Our Method - We discuss your needs over the phone. Then, we meet at your home or office to go over your needs in more detail. We clean your home or office 3 times and charge you by the hour.

The third cleaning will establish your regular fee.

Our experience shows us that as we become more familiar with your home or office, we will clean it faster. This is why we believe our method of establishing cleaning service fees is fair, as it is based on your third cleaning, instead of a guess, or the first cleaning.

Establishing cleaning service rates this way takes a lot more work, but it is worth it.  You will always know that you are being charged fairly. 


Your First Cleaning

Many times the first cleaning will require a deep cleaning, before we can begin recurring service.   This is almost like doing an old fashioned spring cleaning.

This will be something discussed upfront with you.  If we don't bring it up on the walk-through, and it is something you really want, please let us know.


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  • Commercial and domestic cleaning services rates are approximate and are based on £11 hour/per cleaner for recurring service (2 hour minimum). All other services, such as one-time cleanings or monthly cleanings are based on a £13hour/per cleaner. (Recurring service is weekly or every other week)
  • Tenancy cleaning:
    Studio £84
    1 bedroom 1 bathroom £95
    2 bedroom 1 bathroom £105
    2 bedroom 2 bathroom £125
    3 bedroom 1 bathroom £145
    3 bedroom 2 bathroom £155
    4 bedroom 2 bathroom £190

All service is guaranteed. If something was done incorrectly or not up to standards, please contact us within 24 hours. If possible we will come out to view the situation and we will return to your home to take care of the situation.

Every project is different. Every client is special.